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Product Description

Torelina Introduction

Torelina* is the world's first PPS film that was commercialized by Toray. Torelina* excels in electrical properties and dimensional stability. Its UL-certified high temperature durability exceeds that of Lumirror*. Therefore, this material is extensively used in various applications such as mold releaser and for electronic components.

Resistance to high and low temperatures
Torelina* has UL 746B-approved long-term thermal resistance indices of 160°C(mechanical) and 200°C(electrical), enabling its continuous use at extremely high temperatures. Under some conditions, Torelina* can be used within a 230°C to 260°C temperature range for a short period of time. Torelina* also features superior resistance to low temperatures, and has excellent mechanical properties under liquid helium temperature conditions. Torelina*, a biaxially-oriented crystalline film, does not exhibit the stress-cracking and solvent-cracking behavior observed in non-oriented films of amorphous polymer.

Torelina* is a self-extinguishing film. Film thicker than 25µm is approved by UL 94 as VTM-0 grade.

Chemical Resistance
Torelina* shows excellent chemical resistance to virtually all of types of chemicals. No organic solvents can dissolve PPS at room temperature. The properties of Torelina* are also stable even when encountering acid and base.

Moisture absorption and hydrolysis resistance
Torelina* features a moisture absorption of 0.05% and a hygroscopic expansion coefficient of 1.5*10-6%RH-1, both of which are one digit lower than the figures for polyester film. Torelina*fs various properties are not affected by humidity variations. Furthermore, PPS film shows exceptional resistance to hydrolysis. No deterioration is observed in vapor at high temperatures, a problem found in polyester and polyimide films.

Electrical Properties
Despite a relatively high dielectric constant of 3.0, Torelina*fs electrical properties are stable over a 0°C to 100-120°C temperature range and a frequency range up to the gigahertz level. This provides exceptional temperature and frequency characteristics. Its glass transition temperature is approximately 20°C higher than that of polyester film, thus maintaining minimal dielectric loss at even higher temperatures.

Creep Characteristics
In Comparison with other films, Torelina* exhibits a lower dimensional change ever after being subject to stress for long periods of time.

Applications and Processability
Torelina* is used for various applications such as capasitor,motor/transformer insulation,industrial tapes, releasing.


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